Mausritter character sheet for online play


Like many of us, I’m playing more games while social distancing, and all of those games are online—mostly in Discord or Google Meet. I’ve been working through a backlog of great systems (like Trokia! and Moonhop) and next up is Mausritter.

The game’s inventory system features an arts-and-crafts, paper Tetris approach to management, and I think it’s important for players to be able to experience that, so in lieu of asking folks to print things at home, I’ve made a version of the character sheet and item cards in Google Sheets which you can copy here or by clicking the image above. (You can also just view it here, if you want to leave comments.) The original character sheet is nicely designed, so I’ve tried to stay as true to it as possible.

Update: Mausritter’s writer Isaac Williams has a post about running Mausritter online, which I’d not seen and offers some other options. There’s also a larger set of item and condition card images you can download there and use with this sheet.


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